Need to know topical point of views and opinions - is your message being understood? SME Business Budgets - we can also refer you to personal websites which will give you free information on how to look after your own budget, you start with looking at all the dull facts and checking to see if your on target each day, then weekly until your on your way... What are your goals, personal or for your job - what tools do you use to check your figures are on target? Ideas, pricing and a print brokering option to get your job done want to write your own book? How do you get it published in New Zealand - here are the options... Why the website?

Hourly charges:

Websites from $3200, Editing Manuscripts $32, Online PA, catalogues...

    NZ exchange rate from $32ph for marketing


Phone: +64 2 111 4 22 88
email, skype.


Staff are a lovely bunch, all like "Pay me", but little like, "Oops that was my fault, let me cover your costs".

Finding responsible staff is your job, giving them a list of solutions to use when something goes wrong is called a manual.

If they have an appropriate manual written just for their role, they can't say any of their thousands of excuses. You can say Your Fired.

Just get them to write down their own How To's and critique it yourself. Add the missing bits as relevant. Print it and stick it on your digital network. Get them to review it every 3 months.

Now get on with your day. If you need help, just give me a holler. I can come onsite and interview them, and get your answers. Research it with industry standards and similar roles. Print it and bind it.

Not hard at all. If you do it early. After they've done something stupid - that's too bad.

The same applied to contractors and suppliers. Get agreements in place.


- costs are in NZ dollars with no tax for offshore accounts (I am based in New Zealand).
Phone +64 2111 4 22 88

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