Need to know topical point of views and opinions - is your message being understood? SME Business Budgets - we can also refer you to personal websites which will give you free information on how to look after your own budget, you start with looking at all the dull facts and checking to see if your on target each day, then weekly until your on your way... What are your goals, personal or for your job - what tools do you use to check your figures are on target? Ideas, pricing and a print brokering option to get your job done want to write your own book? How do you get it published in New Zealand - here are the options... Why the website?

Hourly charges:

Websites from $3200, Editing Manuscripts $32, Online PA, catalogues...

    NZ exchange rate from $32ph for marketing


Phone: +64 2 111 4 22 88
email, skype.

Brand Marketing

Marketing is a fine word - lets also establish how much money is in your future, and if your sales reflect your potential!

Current 2012 pricing from NZ $32 an hour labour or a few dollars a day. Make contact by email.

Read below for FREE advice. Alternatively contact us, however we charge a minimum consulting fee of $75 per hour, and can put your company with a suitable consultant in your area - Nationwide.

  1. Do you have a brand?
  2. Is the public aware of it?
  3. Can you identify with it?
  4. What was it's launch date?
  5. What is it's advertising budget?
  6. What is it's advertising schedule?
  7. What are your monthly promotions?
  8. Do you find a way to promote your brand for Fathers Day?
  9. Does each campaign have it's own accounting codes?
  10. Do you like Viral Marketing online - click for example?
  11. Do you want to request a quote - click for the order form.

Help is available, first up most of the work can be done by yourself for free, of if you wish you can pay us to research your industry trends, template as many digital formats as you see fit, and write up a strategy to see you on your way. Free marketing templates are available on the Microsoft template page - google more pages like this and you will be happy with your findings. (When downloading if nothing happens check your pop-up-blocker!

If you need personal assistance - we can give you the power to check your own progress or come back with the data per quarter and we will figure out your earning potentials in all facets of your products or services.

The things we look at for growth:

Are your systems geared up to reflect true costs, do you have a quoting module - do you need one? Contact us - our prices start from NZ $75 an hour for non third party contracts - conditions apply - contracts available for payment over 12 months.

Free info is also available for you online -




Have you got digital templates for:

    1 annual reports
    2 attitude (business creed)
    3 beer holders
    4 billboard signage
    5 brand ink stamps
    6 breath alcohol detectors (From NZ$32.00 per one)
    7 brochures and flyers
    8 business cards
    9 calendars
    10 caps
    11 car branding
    12 christmas cards
    13 coffee cups
    14 daily sales sheets
    15 dvd covers
    16 event announcements
    17 Exit signs and OSH signage
    18 expo packs
    19 expo stall
    20 folders
    21 fridge magnets
    22 invoice books
    23 letterheads
    24 loyalty cards
    25 manuals
    26 monthly commission reports
    27 networking cards
    28 notepads
    29 pens
    30 phone orders
    31 polo shirts
    32 postcards
    33 prospectus
    34 reminder stickers
    35 seasonal sales reports
    36 sticky notes
    37 thank you cards
    38 weekly commission sheets
    39 window branding
    40 Order form - enquire today

    We can have these digital templates created, and available either on your own in house computers, or at a print shop that supply on account - again we organise this for you, providing you with three quotes per print job.

    For in house printers we will need several test patterns from the printer of choice so we can format the colours to suit your brand.

If you do not have a brand - we can sort this out for you, just make contact with us today, and we can have some one contact you to get this tidied up - email us what info and images you do have, tell us what your industry is and we will get you started within your budget. Contact us - we charge NZ$32.00 per hour. We create this work over the internet, we can also provide you with website designers etc.

- costs are in NZ dollars with no tax for offshore accounts (I am based in New Zealand).
Phone +64 2111 4 22 88

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