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2.2 Payments are to be made payable to . See Credit Application

2.3 In the event of non payment shall follow through with the right to charge penalty interest at a rate of 5% above the Bank of New Zealand overdraft rate of the month. Further costs to any bad debts will be payable by the client, including court costs, and all other possible costs - be they positive marketing campaigns or travel bills. All non paying customers will have the opportunity to mediation, with all information being held live in the public's eye.

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3.2 A minimum of one months notice must be given to terminate any Advertising - Reseller or Preferred Supplier contract for order placements and a minimum of 26 days notice for branding. In the event that less than this notice respectively is given, no refund will be made for the balance of the advertising contracts. Access your risk management wisely and check all resources are in play before a promotion begins. Once an assignment starts - payment will be due regardless if the goods shipment is in transit.


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