Need to know topical point of views and opinions - is your message being understood? SME Business Budgets - we can also refer you to personal websites which will give you free information on how to look after your own budget, you start with looking at all the dull facts and checking to see if your on target each day, then weekly until your on your way... What are your goals, personal or for your job - what tools do you use to check your figures are on target? Ideas, pricing and a print brokering option to get your job done want to write your own book? How do you get it published in New Zealand - here are the options... Why the website?

Hourly charges:

Websites from $3200, Editing Manuscripts $32, Online PA, catalogues...

    NZ exchange rate from $32ph for marketing


Phone: +64 2 111 4 22 88
email, skype.

Pricing options

No overheads. No holiday pay. No tax issues. Limited liabilities. Guaranteed contractual timeframe's.
"Karen prides herself on quality customer service, quality of care and whilst working from home she can offer her full attention - even if you live in New York. She has a team of subcontractors who are able to offer the same quality and assurances".

Christchurch has suffered from being in a earthquake zone, and has been ravaged, but this savvy debonair executive dusts herself off, checks the internet connectivity and gets back online. "On occasion the power goes out for a few hours, or our internet connection get's overloaded. In these instances I will be offline having a laugh and a drink with friends, I have since sold my house and bought in a stabler part of the country, in the Bay of Islands, different issues but same process - relax. I've got this".

Virtual Personal Assistance, typing, website text changes, dictaphone transcriptions $32 ph NZ dollars - overnight in most instances 24 hr turn around. NZ $ approx and NZ time zone.

Web pages from $32 (static web page) each with content provided or $200 with content created by Karen with search engine optimization. Static Form pages, cost from $250 each and the form keys provided by your host provider. Calculating form pages (automatic quotes) are simple from $75 ph and expect two days worth of head banging at least).

Creative and Technical services, Rebranding, content writing NZ$75 an hour

- Enquiries are free. Below pricing is in New Zealand dollars see the NZ exchange rate and for NZ companies all prices exclude GST (national goods and services tax which is an additional 15%).

Websites with Content manged back ends $ 2200.00 + insertion of content but includes design
Addons from $500 each such as Shopping basket, photo gallery, Calendar (Plus paypal etc)
Annual reports, report templates, brochure templates and flyers. NZ$75 per hour.
Brand implementation, advice. NZ$75 per hour.
Calendars, car branding, Christmas cards, coffee cups. Per item/quantity/quality.
Daily sales sheet templates, DVD covers. N NZ$75 per hour.
Editing in general, layout advice for template creations. NZ$75 per hour.
Event announcements, expo packs, expo stall. From NZ$75 per hour.
Guidance on implementing Weekly commission sheets. NZ$75 per hour.
Folders, boxes presentation packs. Per item/quantity/quality.
Fridge magnets. Per item/quantity/quality.
Invoice books, letterheads, loyalty cards. Per item/quantity/quality.
Launch of your product or brand, included guest lists, media releases and venue. From NZ$75 per hour.
Manuals, recipe templates. From NZ$75 per hour.
Monthly commission reports. From NZ$75 per hour.
Newsletters, templating and or editing. Includes researching competitors from NZ$75 per hour.
Phone orders, check sheets, order forms. From NZ$75 per hour.
Programs, menu's event guides - print or online - generally both. From NZ$75 per hour.
Prospectus. From NZ$175 per hour includes accountancy and legal conferment.
Polo shirts for staff and gifts, thank you cards. Per item/quantity/quality.
Reminder stickers, outdoor security stickers. Per item/quantity/quality.
Seasonal sales reports, sticky notes. As above.
Templates for brand advertising, newspaper adverts, magazines, with recommendations for local printers or best priced printers, or print brokering. From NZ$250.
Pricing is in New Zealand dollars, see the NZ exchange rate. - enquiries are free.

Outdoor window 110x110mm Stickers from $15 for one, or approx $4.33 each for 500

Business cards From approx .36 cents each per 100 to .04 cents each for 5000

CCTV kits based on your needs for as little as $400 using your existing vcr or computer

SME Business Health Checks from $350 $275 One consult and evaluation staff manual

Marketing Strategies per industry from $650 $475 - can be built to suit your business!

Templates to suit in house printers from $75.00 if creating from scratch - hourly basis

Artwork from $125 per hour if outsourcing required

Alcohol Breath Detectors, wine, spiced home brewed rum, Christmas gifts, boxed - target label your loved ones from $32, + shipping and handling delivered world wide - brand it for people quote request?

Hosting from $35 per month, Secure Site Certificates, Domain names all are additional.


- costs are in NZ dollars with no tax for offshore accounts (I am based in New Zealand).
Phone +64 2111 4 22 88

Copyright to Intellectual Property Rights are all attributed to Karen Wisse 2015